Strengthens, repairs, tones and brightens hair. This deeply reparative, ultra-violet treatment will have stressed out, overworked, brassy, blonde hair looking healthier and brighter, and feeling smoother and stronger, in just one use. Unite Blonda has a home care products that will keep your hair blonde, brassy free and healthy at home.


++ Cleanse with the rich and creamy BLONDA Daily Shampoo to soothe the scalp while gently cleansing hair without stripping color or dulling highlights. It contains coconut to gently cleanse and balance, and chamomile to calm and restore. Hair is left clean, refreshed, and beautifully bright.

++ Then, follow with the color-protecting BLONDA Daily Conditioner to soothe, refresh and moisturize hair without any blonde-dulling heavy residues. It contains vitamins A, E and C to moisturize, repair and protect, pro-vitamin B to add volume and shine, and rice proteins to strengthen and repair. Leave in hair for 1 to 3 minutes, and rinse.


The smoothing system will leave keratin-like, long-lasting results without the harsh chemicals & funky smell.

The gentle SILKY:SMOOTH Active Wash formula cleanses, resets, & rebalances the hair & scalp, while creating a protective shield that locks moisture in & keeps frizz-causing humidity out.

The moisturizing SILKY:SMOOTH Hydrating Complex conditioner is packed with vegetable fat & plant cells and delivers a heat-activated polymer that helps create a protective shield that repels humidity & fights frizz.

The SILKY:SMOOTH Heat Activator is a *heat activated,* thermal & UV protectant, leave-in spray that detangles and creates an invisible barrier around the cuticle to seal in moisture and nutrient while locking out frizz-causing humidity.

To dry your hair, you can use a blow-dryer and round brush OR flat-iron on damp hair to achieve silky, shiny, smooth results. If using a flat or styling iron, set to 200 degrees or above, not exceeding 450 degrees. Steam may occur, but this is normal as it is the Heat Activator (step 3) hard at work, creating a protective, anti-humidity seal!

If you have curly hair & want to use the System but rock your natural curl, dry your hair with a diffuser! The formula will help with frizz by blocking humidity to smooth the cuticle. It can be used on ALL hair types, including colored/chemically-treated, extensions and wigs.


OLAPLEX salon treatments are the most intense bond-building treatments available. When administered by a salon professional, the concentrated formulas help penetrate the hair deeper, which means more repair for your hair. Consider this the weekly sheet mask to your monthly facial with your esthetician. Salon treatments do not replace your at-home routine; they elevate them, making your hair healthier and stronger than before at a salon-strength level. Whether you have healthy hair or highly compromised hair, your hair will benefit from salon-grade treatments. For highly compromised hair, the more full-strength treatments you can get, the better. For healthy hair, monthly is best for a routine bump in the integrity of your hair, especially as we approach warmer weather that damages hair.


Biotop 007, keratin-infused collection, powered by a state-of-the-art formula designed to tackle coarse, weak, and frizzy hair, as well as severely damaged and chemically-treated locks. For coarse, frizzy, very damaged or chemically-treated locks, this specially formulated smart keratin-infused collection leaves hair strong, healthy and silky smooth. Keratin helps to repair and rebuild the protein structure of very damaged, weak, chemically-treated hair.
Fights frizz and helps reduce the appearance of split ends
Helps repair and smooth damaged hair
Helps restore strength & resiliency
Locks in moisture and enhances softness and shine


For dry, damaged, and lifeless hair! It’s time to give dull, dry, lackluster hair the kiss of life, with the ultimate nutrition boost. Formulated with pure quinoa extracts, our revitalizing 911 Quinoa collection provides the complete solution for your damaged, lifeless hair craves. So long, dry, lifeless hair. 911 Quinoa collection nourishes and restores hair from within, giving dry, damaged and lifeless hair an energetic, revitalizing boost. This treatment is great for those who would love to try Biotop products and see the benefits they would have by using the Biotop hair care.
Provides intense nourishment
Adds softness & elasticity
Enhances natural body & shine
Provides color protection


Split ends treatment is the treatment intended for professional use only. The treatment will seal the split ends for 4 weeks leaving healthier and stronger ends with less breakage and a noticeably improved texture. This treatment is for anyone who wants to improve the condition and integrity of their hair, especially if you have fragile, over-processed ends. It’s also recommended if you are looking to grow your hair longer as it helps maintain healthy ends without sacrificing length.


B3 Demi Conditioning Is specifically formulated to penetrate the hair and fuse amino acids to weakened and compromised fibers through the use of a breakthrough bond build-ing technology. This technological advancement reconstructs and strengthens the hair from within while helping to resurface and seal the cuticle, preventing moisture loss and protecting against heat and mechanical styling as well as future damage.
It lasts up to 12 weeks!


B3 Bond Builder is a treatment that is added to your color. This scientifically advanced one-step system reattaches and builds the bonds that make up the cellular membrane complex, helping prevent the loss of cuticle and cortex cells responsible for supporting the inner structure of the hair. This breakthrough technology dramatically reduces breakage and helps prevent damage during color services, improving the overall integrity of the hair while prolonging color retention and vibrancy between appointments. (12 washes)


The Serene Scalp collection, inspired by skin care, maintains scalp health with a hair routine in the form of a balancing trio. The collection intended not only for dandruff but also to soothe the irritated scalp and to help remove buildup from the scalp. You can try the products by having a Serene Scalp treatment at the salon or you can purchase the products and do the treatment at home.

Below are the treatment steps:

Oribe’s Serene Scalp Exfoliating Scrub contains exfoliating beads to remove oil, dirt and product build-up, while a blend of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and fruit extracts cleans pores and nourishes hair.
Gentle cleanser treatment, formulated with salicylic acid, relieves and prevents dandruff while soothing dry, itchy, irritated scalp.
Serene Scalp Balancing Conditioner detangles hair while soothing the scalp. Enriched with Oribe Signature Complex (edelweiss flower, lychee, watermelon), this treatment prevents light-related aging and fights against keratin degradation. Based on shea butter and panthenol, it cares for and moisturizes to revitalize them. Composed of extract of accacia, this conditioner nourishes and soothes while maintaining their water content. Biotin and quinoa strengthen and repair breakage, caffeine energizes and rejuvenates, while hydrogenated olive oil adds shine without weighing hair down.
Depending on the goal we would choose which of the two treatments are we going to use, the thickening treatment to promote hair thickness or the soothing leave-on treatment to help relief the itchy scalp.
Soothing Leave-On Treatment
This lightweight and fast-absorbing, leave-on treatment removes loose dandruff flakes while cooling mint and calming chamomile soothe and balance the scalp.
Serene Scalp Thickening Treatment Spray
High-density at your fingertips. Oribe’s powerful treatment for thinning hair is proven to leave hair feeling thicker, fuller and healthier. The ultra-lightweight formula instantly plumps hair at the root while creating denser-looking strands over the course of three months.
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